amag Recycler with 480 hp - maximum power - low price

All-in-one:  Now as a 2-axle

amag Recycler with the following advantages:

- inject water, polymer or Bitumenemulsion direct in the mixing chamber.

- better diesel consumption than Traktor.

- bigger engine: 12,5 Liter against 7,0 Liter Traktor -> very important for long life of machine.

- more power and torque: MFT has 2.200 NM, Traktor only 1.600 NM -> 25 % More Power !

- lower maintenance costs, Traktor needs Service all 400 h, MAN Trac only every 800 h, -> 50 % lower costs !

- much more MAN Service Stations worldwide, spare parts in max.  12 hours.

- standard Transport: max. 40 to  -  no special permission required. You can use a standard Trailer, for a big Traktor you need expensive special trailer.

- Experience of more than 50 years !

- available as 4x4 or 6x6 tractor

- available with integrated cement/lime spreader with 12 m³ capacity

- available with twin pumps to inject 2 different fluids direct in the mixing chamber









Spreader - Videos:



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All-in-one:   spreading, mixing and inject water, polymer

One machine, one operator saves a lot of costs.

Integrated binding spreader with 12 m³ capacity.

Integrated water tank with 7 m³ capacity.

Comparable to 3 units (separate spreader, separate mixer with 480 hp, seperate water-truck) enormous cost saving.

Dual tanks    -    twin pumps

Has 2 seperate tanks - looks like a V - optimal for the weight and balance.

Has 2 strong pumps for water, polymer, cold bitumina emulsion, other emulsions with each 1.000 Liter / min.

Inject direct in the mixing chamber.

Binding agent spreader 3 m³ mountable at the front of truck.

Datasheet Multifunctionstrac MFT
Issue: 09-2020
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amag trailer Back Pack for Wirtgen Recycler and Frontspreader

No longer an overloaded Tractor rear axle and illegal road use between sites!
Transport the Wirtgen WS250 and 3 m³ Frontspreader on a compact trailer.
Easy to load – just one driver required. 
Ideal for the smaller building sites.
Travel between sites with speeds up to 90 km/h – including motorway travel.

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